Ski Holiday Packing List

Borovets 2014
At the end of the month Chris and I will be jetting away for a lovely little ski holiday to Borovets in Bulgaria.
We have been to borovets before and enjoyed it so much we have decided to go again (its actually our third time!).
I must admit I am not the greatest skier but I enjoy the scenery and the whole vibe that surrounds the slopes!
I lost my confidence last year after a fall (luckily not too hurt just bruised!) so I'm just going to take it steady this year, not push myself too hard and enjoy the scenery.

Anyways onto the main reason for this post; Holiday Prep.
I HATE packing!
I am so terrible at it!
I am always paranoid I have forgotten something and end up emptying the cases three or four times before we leave to double and triple check that everythings in there!

One of my New Years Resolutions was to be happy and worry less so I'm writing this post in the hopes that it will help me to do just that by being more organised and ultimately less stressed when preparing for the trip.
I've been doing research on what's best to pack for ski holidays and I found a good list on the Great Britain Ski Club website.
There are a lot of things on it that aren't relevant to me so I've altered it to fit my needs but it did give me an excellent starting point!

Travel Essentials

Flight/Connection Details
Accommodation/Ski Hire details
Insurance details.

I think I have everything covered in this department. I always take a special folder with all our documentation and I have already checked the dates on the passports and our insurance to make sure it covers us for winter sports. 
If you ever go on a wintersports holiday that is always something you should check as not all holiday insurances cover you for them.

Ski Clothes

Warm Hat
Scarves (I'll be taking multiple as I love scarves!)
Thermal Tops
Thermal Leggings
Waterproof Jacket
Waterproof Trousers
Waterproof Gloves
Ski socks

I am not a good enough skier to have bought my own boots and skis yet but I will be taking plenty of warm clothing!
I was lucky enough to get some new thermal base layers for Christmas and everything else I have from previous ski trips so this section is sorted!

Other Clothes

Snow boots
Ugg Boots
Hand Bag

All I will be taking with me is comfy clothes. I know from previous experience I don't need anything fancy as I'll be in my warm clothes if we venture out of the apartment!
I think I have everything I need for this section but it would be rude of me not to treat myself to something new for the holiday!


Skincare (Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser)


After Sun
Muscle Soak
Shampoo and Conditioner
Medication (Including Painkillers / Ibuprofen Gel)
Lip Balm with SPF
In previous year my skin has really suffered from the cold and wind when skiing so I need to remember to wear the sunscreen and really moisturise after a day on the slopes.

I need to buy the sunscreen and I might treat myself to a fancy lip balm (I'm thinking an Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lipcare Stick!).


Camera / Charger
Mobile / Charger
Laptop or Tablet
Hair Dryer
Hair Straighteners
Travel Plug

This section is sorted as I love me some technology.
I just need to remember to pack the chargers!


Pillow / Blanket
Hip Flask
Book / Magazine
Games / Cards

I am not the best at travelling so I always take a small pillow and blanket with me in my hand luggage so I can snuggle down on the flight.
The hip flask is for sneaky drinks at the top of the mountain; it'll help me keep warm and give me the confidence to work my way to the bottom!

Hopefully now I have this list I'll be able to relax and over the next few weeks make sure I've gathered everything I need before I fly.
All I need to do now is buy the last few items and then pack my case!
Hopefully I won't empty it too many times to make sure everything is there!

IS there anything else you would add to the list?
Or any skiing tips you can give me?
I need all the help I can get!


  1. I've never been skiing but it must be so fun, how lovely
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

    1. It is so much fun even though I'm not so great at it!
      The scenery is breathtaking! x


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