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Pinterest is an obsession of mine!
I am forever on the site pinning all sorts of beautiful things I want create for my home.
So today I thought I would share some of these beauties with you that I may actually do to my own home!

Window Seats

I love the idea of having a window seat in some of my upstairs rooms.
Somewhere I can chill out and a read a book whilst soaking in some sunshine.
We are currently planning how we are going to decorate our study and I definitely want on one these in there.
It can add extra storage to the room and also extra seats for sitting around and watching Netflix's whilst trying to do work!
The pin above is kind of what I want for the room. 
The space in my room is slightly bigger than the space in the pin but something similar to this set up is what I want to go for.

Ombre Walls

This is technique looks so nice and the pin above makes it seem like its so easy!
I think I'd quite like it for our stairs and landing.
Not necessarily this colour; maybe lilacs or purples (my favorite colour!) 
I'm not sure whether I'd be able to recreate this myself though as my decorating skills leave something to be desired!
I'm learning more as we work our way through decorate more of the house mainly thanks to Pinterest!

Sun Burst Mirror

This mirror is just lovely and the DIY tutorial to create it is so simple.
I can imagine this with a few more sparkles in the paint glistening in the sunshine.
I need to invest in some supplies and make this for my back bedroom!
There aren't many decorations in that room at the moment and I think it would open it up and brighten the room.

D.I.Y. Cushions

The cushions we have at the moment are literally falling to pieces.
We were given them when we moved in and to be honest they look tired and definitely need updating!
I love the cute birds on the pin above and the tutorial seems pretty straight forward on how to make it yourself.
I have pinned some other cute cushions that I want to try as well!
I love all the different tutorials on pinterest and really want to have a go at making my own cushions so I can get better at using my sewing machine (one of my New Years Resolutions!)

Fire Pit

We really haven't done much with the garden since moving in.
Again its an area my partner and I lack knowledge in (I'm notorious for killing plants!) but we are trying!
So before we get landscaping (that's years away!) I thought a Fire Pit would look lovely in our garden.
It'll be nice to sit around with friends in the summer and will definitely add some character to the space.

There are so many great tutorials on Pinterest I don't know where to begin.
These are a start though!

What do you think of my ideas for my home?
What would you do instead?
Comment below and let me know!

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