New Years Resolutions

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending

Happy New Year!

2014 has been a strange year for me.  
It has been a roller coaster year that has seen me go through waves of different emotions.
I have realised that only I can make my world into a place that makes me happy and this is something I hope is reflected in my resolutions for 2015.
So onto the list!



Blogging is something I have been considering for the last 6 months. 

I read quite a few different blogs and really enjoy the varied content that can be found out on the web.
These have inspired me to take up the mantle and try blogging for myself.
Please be patient with me. 
I am obviously new to this game and as a persistent over thinker it took me a long time to get to this point.
I'm hoping to post 2-3 times a week on a variety of topics that I find interesting ranging from lifestyle posts, the odd beauty post, cooking and baking posts and other things too. 
I hope you find it interesting! 


Last year I made a promise to myself that I would exercise more and become healthier.

I joined a gym; tried to go at least 3 times a week (I managed most weeks!) and ate healthier and feel really good with what I have achieved so far.
In 2015 I want to push myself fitness wise by going to classes (not something I have had the confidence to do so far) and by doing more at home. 
I want to try and do a little something every day whether that be stretches/yoga or just a nice long walk and of course will still continue to go to they gym.
I'll continue to work towards my ideal body and feeling happier, healthier and more confident in everyday life.


Create My Home

We moved into our house over 3 years ago and haven't really done much in the way of decorating. Mainly because we don't know how to decorate; the house is livable and that we didn't have much money to decorate with so we've become comfortable with how it was when we found it!
Now, however I think I'm ready to put my stamp on the place and begin to really make it our home.
I have realised doing this does not have to cost a lot of money and I hope to make a lot of things myself.  
However, I find it difficult making decisions; there are so many beautiful items to buy and create, so I hope to share my ideas with you and get your opinions.

Bake/Cook More

I love to cook and bake but rarely take the time out of my busy schedule to do a decent job of it.

Don't get me wrong I cook nice food for me my partner but its the same old things day in day out.
I want to challenge myself and use the resources I have (cupboards full of ingredients, loads of cookery books and a subscription to Good Food magazine!) to create a vibrant and healthy menu for me and my partner.
I've decided that in 2015 I am taking an 80/20 approach to my lifestyle; 80% of the time I eat healthy and 20% of the time I allow myself to relax and eat what I want!
So my cooking will be a variety of healthy recipes and the odd indulgent treat!
I also love to bake cakes and find the taste delicious but don't always look that great as decorating is definitely not my forte!
There are so many great tutorials on the internet so I am going to challenge myself to better my decorating techniques in 2015.


Craft More

Ever since I was a child I have loved to sew and create things.
Over the past few years I have found that I do not create half as many things as I used to.
I make up pitiful excuses as to why I can't do things such as not having enough time and start things, make a mistake, get frustrated and hide it away!
I am going to create more things to make my home unique and beautiful and I just have to remember that the imperfections add a uniqueness to the items that will give an added charm to my home.
Hopefully it will also help me relax more and destress!

Be Happy - Worry Less

I worry far too much.
Sometimes about things that genuinely deserve the worry but mainly about trivial things that really aren't worth the stress, anxiety and sleepless nights.
This impacts my health and happiness as my mind is constantly running with random thoughts that should have been left where they began.
So in 2015 I am going to try and be less anxious and worry less.
It's a fact of life that things fall out of our control and that we cannot make everything work how we like.
I'm going to try and not let this bother me as much and not  take things personally when people make ill advised comments.

Read More

Apart from my regular magazine subscription I can't remember the last time I actually read a book; something that I'm ashamed to admit.
So I aim to read more in 2015; as a way to relax and to broaden my mind.
Popsugar have released their ultimate reading list encouraging you to read a wide variety of books.
As I work my way through their options I'll let you know how I get on and give you my own insight into the books I choose.

Well there they are.
I didn't think I would write so much but I feel better now they are wrote down.
I've given myself a lot to work on but I am feeling determined and I WILL keep theses resolutions (I hope!)
I'll keep checking on them throughout the year and keep you informed on how I'm getting along with it all.
Now I've shared them I guess there's no going back!

What are your resolutions for 2015?
I'm wishing you all the luck in the world with them!

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  1. I really should add a few of these to my list. Especially worrying about things, and read more is already on my to do list this year. Bought so many books last year that I half read or never even opened. Any good ones you would recommend?

    Great post, very inspirational.

    Sara |


    1. Thank you for the lovely comment :)
      I don't know where to start making a list!
      My research brings up so many good books and I'm so indecisive!
      I might go back to some of my old favourites first (Harry Potter, and the Dark Materials Trilogy!)
      Let me know if you read anything interesting!

      Helen x


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