Ski Holiday Wish List

Ski Holiday Wish List

In a few weeks I am going away on a lovely little ski holiday to Bulgaria.
Today I thought I'd share with you some things I would take if I had enough money and didn't already have everything I needed!
I used Polyvore to create this collection and spent a few hours perusing all the different items that I could quite happily buy if I had an endless pit of money.
Not all of these items ship to the UK but that doesn't stop me from dreaming!

This gorgeous cotton blend front zipper cardigan is currently on sale on for £56.61.
I love the geometric print and think the combination of colours are really flattering.
It would be great for layering up for an evening of food, drink and relaxation after a long day on the slope.

Sweaty Betty Ski Betties Seamless Legging

These Sweaty Betty leggings would be a great addition to my Ski Wear.
They are made from a high stretch polyamide blend that is sweat wicking so makes the really comfortable on the slope.
I love the vivid colours and the cute pattern showing the stickmen in different ski positions!
You can buy them on for £50.


SmartWool Women's PhD Ski Light Patter Socks 

These socks from SmartWool would help keep my feet warm, dry and comfortable in my boots.
They have cushioning on the shin which is somewhere I always end up bruised when skiing.
If you've ever skied you'll have felt that pressure on the front of your shin when going downhill so cushioning there would be really beneficial.
I also love the colours and pattern on the socks.
You can buy them from for about £16.

Salomon Quest 100 Ski Boots
When I first learnt to ski I was told that when the time was right the first piece of equipment I should buy is boots as they are what can cause you most discomfort.
I haven't yet bought boots as we only go skiing a few times a year (one holiday and then a few times at the Chill Factore in Manchester) and can't really justify spending that much money.
But if I did purchase some boots these Salomon ones would be ones I would consider.
I love the contrast of the white and purple and they specifically made for women with moldable liners that would fit comfortably to the foot.
They were on but have since become unavalible.
However if I do ever purchase boots I would go to a store such as Ellis Brigham to be properly measured to make sure the boots fit perfectly as there is nothing worse than boots that you can barely move in!
Rossignol S2 Skis Womens
After boots the next skis would be the next piece of equipment that I would invest in.
These ones by Rossignol are made for female skiers of varying abilities.
They are a lightweight design which is what I would look for when buying skis.
They also have a gorgeous floral design which stands out beautifully on the white background.
This particular pair are avliable on for about £165.
Like the boots I would probably go to a shop such as Ellis Brigham to be measured properly and to get some expert advice.
I could always look online afterwards for my perfect skis!

Leki Fine S Ski Poles

As well as new boots and skis, poles are a must for if I am going to have a full set of ski equipment.
I like the black, white and pink design of these poles as all the colours compliment and contrast each other beautifully.
They have wrists straps that can be secured with velcro (something I have never seen on hired poles!).
These are from and are roughly £45.
I would have to check my height before purchasing as I only roughly know how tall I am!

Stella Mccartney Ski Hat

Stella Mccartney Adidas Ski Hat

Purple is my favourite colour and this hat would go perfect with my new Jacket!
Its part of Stella McCartney's collaboration with Adidas and is currently on sale for around £30 on her website.
It is fleece lined for extra warmth and (as the website puts it) features a space-dyed knit intarsia!
I'm not sure hats suit me but at the top if the mountain when the wind is blowing the snow in your face you need something to keep the heat in.
And because purple is my favourite colour this is perfect.
Adidas Ski Neck Warmer

Stella McCartney Adidas Ski Neck Warmer

If I'm going to have the hat I  have to get the neck warmer too!
Made from the same material as the hat it would be warm and comfortable to wear either pulled up right over the face to keep the wind chill away at the top of the mountain, or rolled down when you get too warm.
You can get this from the Adidas website for about £40.

Wildfox Ski Bunny Fox Print Pj Set - Multi

Last but not least is this Pyjama Set from Wildfox.
It is a thermal knit which would help me to keep warm on the cold nights whilst away.
The pastel colours compliment each other well and the the pattern and fox design are very cute!
You can get the set from for about £62.

I really wish I could get all these pieces to take away with me but unfortunately my paycheck doesn't stretch far enough!
Maybe I should start buying a lottery ticket!

What do you think of the items I've chosen?
Would you pick something different?
Comment below and let me know what you think!

 Ski Socks Thermal Warm


  1. I've never been skiing but I do know that I'd love that Bunny Fox pj set!

  2. I've got to say the Fox Print Pj Set is my favorite as well. How cute.
    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. My favourite are the leggings, they are so cute! Great post x

    1. Thanks!
      They're great aren't they!
      I wish I could take them with me but pay day isn't till after my holiday :(


  4. That purple hat and neck warmer is so my style. I am definitely getting that. Thanks for sharing :)

    Dannii - Hungry Healthy Happy

    1. I'm glad you like them!
      Let me know what they're like when you get them!


  5. That pj set is so so cute!



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