February Goals

February Goals
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Back in January I set out my resolutions for the year and decided then that to be able to make sure I stuck to them I would break it down into monthly goals to make it more manageable.

I can't believe it's February already!
My lovely holiday to Bulgaria is already over (I'll share some pictures and stories with you when I get them all uploaded onto my computer!) and it seems to have disappeared in the blink of an eye!

I know we are now nearly into the second week of February so these are a little late.  Please forgive me as I said above I have been away on holiday and the wifi up the mountain was terrible!

So onto a quick review of the goals I set last month...

Be more organised with meal planning
I'd say I partly achieved this goal as a made sure I had lunches for work everyday that were healthy, filling and nutritious.  
Evening meals are still a bit haphazard and just items out of the fridge thrown together.
I'm getting there with it all and will continue to work on this!
I'd say I was partway there with this one!

Get back into my fitness routine
I started going to the gym at least 3 times a week (until I went on holiday!) and had a review of ym programme to mix up my routine.
This meant new weight machines and increasing my weights (something I have been wanting to do to tone up and gain strength) and trying different routines on the cardio machines.
I definitely see an improvement but its going to take time to fully get used to the weights! 
I pulled my arm by pushing myself too far with them so I am just going to take my time and gradually build up to higher weights!

Do not let holiday packing stress me out!
This I 99% managed! I had a few anxieties as Chris but everything in the cases (I had laid it all out on the bed throughout the week so I could keep checking!).  He filled the cases so he could reassure me that everything was in there!
I didn't ask too many times of various items were in which is really good for me!
And when we had to pack to come home I only checked under the bed 3 times!

Properly Organise what I want to do with my blog
Here I admit I have failed miserably.  
I really need to make a proper blog schedule and plan my posts out methodically so I can create great content on a regular basis.
I have so many ideas that I think, if I'm honest, I get overwhelmed and scared of putting myself out there.
Thats something I want to change though so I will get better at planning so I can share the things that are important to me with all of you.
I have an idea for a blog series too but I definitely need to put a lot of work into it so I best start planning that too!

February Goals

So onto my February Goals.
There are a few new one but I also want to continue to work on everything from January too!

Increase my protein intake
As I mentioned above I have recently mixed up my gym routine and are doing a lot more weights to get lean and strong.
I recently pulled my arm and noticed I was getting fatigued a lot easier.
I discussed this with a colleague at work who knows about weight training and he suggested adding more protein to my diet to aid with muscle repair after working out.
I started to do this before I went on holiday but ti is something I really want to focus on in February.
Not only will it help me with recovery after a workout, it will also help me to feel fuller for longer after eating and it will help create lean muscle which will help me tone up! 

Gym Classes
I said in my resolutions that I wanted to start going to gym classes.
As of yet I haven't took the plunge and started doing any but I have chosen some off the schedule at the gym that I would like to try.
Such as Kettlebells, Group Power and HiiT.
I plan to book the classes online before I go then I can't chicken out as i would have to pay for not showing up!

Read More
I set myself a goal on GoodReads to read 25 books this year and so far I have only managed one!
So this month I am going to read more!
I don't know what yet so if you have any suggestions then please let me know!

Blog Planning
I think this maybe a goal every month (well I guess it is ongoing!).
This month I really want to define what I want to do with my blog and get a clear schedule in place that I can stick to.

Well lets see how I get on this month?
How are you doing with your New Years resolutions or goals?
Got any tips how I can achieve mine?


  1. I love the fact you haven't made it a yearly goal, you've opted for monthly I'd definitely find myself sticking to this better! :) great post and idea (I might have to steal it haha) x


    1. Thanks!
      I definitely find it more manageable breaking them down monthly!
      It keeps me more focused!



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