Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist

Hi guys :)
Sorry for the long delay in posts.
I'm still getting my head around blogging and I got a tad overwhelmed but I'm back and hopefully more organised!

Its my birthday in a few days so I thought I would share I few things that I would like to receive/treat myself!
Some of these are pipe dreams and completely out of my price range but a girl can dream!

Disney Couture Gold-Plated Black Enamel "Have Faith in Your Dreams"
Disney Couture Gold-Plated Black Enamel "Have Faith in Your Dreams"...
I've seen a lot of Disney couture around and I particularly love there bangles with iconic quotes from all the different Disney films.
I struggle with believing in myself sometimes and having the phrase 'Have faith in your dreams' around my wrist will remind to trust myself and to have faith in my abilities!

TOPSHOP MOTO Prince of Wales Joni Jeans

I recently purchased a pair of Topshop Joni Jeans in black and absolutely love them!
They are so flattering and really comfortable (something I always look for in jeans).
I can literally wear them all day which is not something I've been able to say about my previous pairs of jeans!
I would love to have them in all the different colours in the range but didn't know they did a checked version until I was looking online!
They are so cute and I'm loving grey at the moment so they are the perfect colour for me!

ghd curve classic wave wand
I love my ghd straighteners!  
I've had the same pair for years and have never had an issues with them!
They do exactly what they are meant to and leave my hair straight and sleek all day long!
Thats why I really want to try the wave wand!
Curls never seem to stay in my hair as its too heavy and they fall out.
I used to say the same about straightening it as until I found ghd's nothing really worked on my hair!
I've read good reviews online and would really like to have my own set so I can experiment more with my hair!

Mixed Metal Triple Interlocking Tinkerbell Believe Bangles
I've had my eye on this bangle for a while now!
Tinkerbell is one of my all time favourite Disney characters as she's mischievous, caring and cute!
As with the above bangle I also love the quotes and think the different coloured metals compliment each other perfectly.
And the extra charms that link the three bangles together are the perfect finishing touch!

UGG Australia Boots
UGG Australia boots
I Love these UGG Carter boots as they remind me of the first UGG's I ever owned (which I destroyed by wearing them as often as was humanly possible!)
The ones I had previously had fur around the top and they were so comfortable and looked so beautiful!
I definitely needs these in my life as my current pair are on their last legs :(
ANd an extra bonus with these they are waterproof!

Lion King Gold-Plated "Believe in Yourself" Yellow Bangle

Another Disney Couture Bangle!
There are so many lovely things in there range that I'm quite surprised I actually managed to cut it down to three items!
This quote is from the Lion King and is a something I need to be reminded of constantly!
I am not the most confident person and often doubt my ability at life let alone anything else!
Having this bangle would remind me to believe myself and give me the gentle reminder I need to live life to the fullest!

Nike Studio Wrap 3 Pack
Nike Studio Wrap Pack
I've become a lot more focused on my workout routine and have been looking for some new footwear to add to my gym back!
The Nike studio Wraps 3 Pack have been on my radar for a while now and I really want them for doing Yoga and for lighter stretching workouts at home!
They look so comfortable and would support my ankles and arches of my feet really well when exercising.
They come in a range of colours which seem to change all the time!
I'm loving these black ones with purple inners at the moment!

Burberry London Gabardine trench coat

Burberry London Gabardine trench coat

Now this a pipe-dream and I'm not sure I will ever have enough money to own a real one myself but a girl can dream!
After seeing Anna Saccone get one on the SacconeJoly's it reminded me how much I love them!
I have a trench that I got from Debenhams a few years back and I love it for cool summer nights but I don't think you can beat the original!
I best start saving!

Well I hope you like what I picked out for my birthday wishlist!
If you've seen anything around the web that you think I would like then please leave me a comment below!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I adore these Topshop jeans! they just look and feel amazing, great picks x

  2. the disney bracelet is so cute!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway

  3. This coat is in my wishlist too, it's so gorgeous!

    Furore Magazine | Facebook | Bloglovin

    1. It is isn't it :)
      One day it'll be ours!

  4. omg this trench coat looks amazing! Great wish list lovely <3
    ps. there’s an Urban Decay Naked Palette Giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out! :)

    1. Thanks lovely :)
      I'll take a look at that now!

  5. Oh that Trench is dreamy. I have been looking for one for ages myself :D Also those jeans! The JONI's are so comfortable aswell and they really look like proper smart trousers, gonna have to pop in and have a look at those. Hope you have a fab birthday. x

  6. Thanks :)
    Joni's have become my favourite jeans by far!
    I'm building up a small collection of them!



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