Over thinking...

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I started this blog in January this year after reading others blogs for a while and thinking "I would quite like to give this a go!".

I went into it all guns blazing and really enjoyed it until I let my brain take over!
I am a perpetual overthinker and I let my mind and anxieties get the better of me.

I read a variety of blogs ranging from ones with huge amounts of readers to new blogs just establishing themselves in this wonderful community.

I started to feel like my work wasn't on par with others I was reading and I was reading far to many blogging tips/guides that made me overwhelmed and feel like I had started something that I wasn't capable of doing well.

I was also concerned with what people would think of me and that I would get judged harshly for not doing a very good job!

As you get to know me you will learn that I always have this devil on my shoulder and deep down I know I have the capability to achieve anything I set my mind on (like a 10k which I never in a million years thought I would complete!) I just sometimes struggle to believe in myself!

The reason I started this blog in the first place was for me to have a space where I could express who I am, share what I find and love in the world and to grow in confidence!

Hopefully I will achieve this and it will give me the opportunity to challenge myself and give me the opportunity to try new things and go outside of my comfort zone.

I have a plan (some posts I want to discuss and a series I want to develop) and a semi-schedule but I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself to start with so we'll see how I go on from here!

Whenever I start to doubt myself I just need to remember the quote above and rationalise what's going through my mind so I don't get stuck in an overthinking cycle!
Easier said than done for me but I am definitely going to try as I so want to create a space on here where I can truly express myself and become comfortable and happy with who I am!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you like the content I share from here on in!

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