2016 Goals

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In January last year I listed what I wanted to achieve throughout 2015.
I found this a really cathartic process and I plan on making goals again this year as I feel like I may actually work harder on them this year than last!
Last year was a tough year for me and I let my unhappiness with my career affect what I did / how I felt and my goals (here's a link to last years) took a back seat.
I think I did OK with my fitness goal to a point as the gym was a good escape for me and allowed me to release my stresses in a healthy way but even that petered off as the year drew to an end.
The other things I dipped in and out of as the year went by but never really committed to them as I felt drained all the time and like I wouldn't do a good job of it if I tried.

Anyway... this year is going to be my year.
I have started a new job that I love and that challenges me.
I can already feel a change in my sense of self and my boyfriend says he can see I'm a lot happier too!

This year I am going to make more time for the things that I want and try and live a happy, healthy, positive life.

So onto my goals:

1)Be Kinder To Myself

I am my own worst critic and constantly put myself down over the most trivial things.
So I am making a promise to myself here that I will not get upset and stressed out over things that are out of my control.
I am also going to make time to properly take care of myself as when I get stressed I don't necessarily take the time to look after my needs.
That means not feeling guilty when I need a pamper day or a day on the sofa to recharge my batteries!

2) Make Healthy Eating and Fitness a Priority

Towards the end of last year, I didn't prioritise my healthy eating and fitness like I should've and with overindulging over the festive period I need to get my ass in gear with meal prep/planning and my gym routine to get me to a place that I'm happy with.
I have made a good start to this, making healthy salads for my lunch, porridge for breakfast, and cooking our dinners from scratch for the first days of the year.
I have also had a review at the gym and my programme updated.

3) Do things for me

I always worry about what others think of me and end up either in situations I don't want to be in, or not doing something I want to do because I am scared of offending someone or that they may judge me.
This year I am living for me and if someone doesn't like my opinion or what I choose to do then that's there issue not mine.
This maybe difficult for me as I have always been like this but I need to make this change so I can live a positive and happy life.

4) Do More of what makes me happy

I have neglected some of my interests for far too long and this year I am going to make time to do things that make me happy.
This includes sewing more, baking more, and just generally crafting things to put my own unique stamp on my home!
I'll share my creations on here with you all!

5) Learn Something New

This year I want to challenge myself to learn something that I've always wanted to know.
So I'm going to take up crochet!
I had a little go at it last year and couldn't really get my head around it but now I'm in a better place I think I'll be able to get it better! My mum can crochet so there maybe a few trips to Mummy Brickwoods so she can help me get the hang of it!
There are a few other things that I want to learn this year too but I'll make that into a post all of its own in a few weeks or so!
I need to concentrate on the Crochet first!

6) Be a better blogger

This one is going to be a work in progress as I am new to this blogging scene and don't want to pressure myself too much and get blogger burnout!  So two mini goals to start off with:

1. Blog more consistently
2. Be more active on social media

I have made good progress with these already, joining in some Twitter chats and plan to up my game as the month goes on by creating a proper blog calendar and a social media calendar.

Well there they are!
I feel more positive this year and hope that I'll stick to these better than I did 2015's!
I have decided I am going to do a monthly 'Goals Review and Update' so I can look back on the previous month, reflect on my progress, reassess my goals and add new ones.
I hope doing this will keep me accountable and remind me of what I need to do to keep on track!

What are your goals for 2016?
Is there anything specific you are working towards?
Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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