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If I'm honest I am more of a drugstore makeup kind of girl as I don't feel like I can justify the price of high-end makeup when I have bills and a mortgage to pay!
I also haven't spent that much money on makeup in ages but spend hours looking at blogs and shopping sites, lusting after all the gorgeous products that are out there!

After my countless hours of blog research I have come to realise that makeup is an investment and as this is the year I live for me I'm going to start treating myself to some nice products. So here is my wishlist of brands I want to try! Hopefully, I'll get around to trying some of them this year

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I've wanted to create my own palette for a while now but haven't felt able to justify the price of some of the high-end brands!
The Zpalette from Makeup Geek seems like a good compromise and from reviews I have read their shadows are very pigmented but they don't have as wide a range of shades as Mac.
I think I'll start small and only get a few shadows to start with so I can make my own opinion on whether they are any good.
I just need to do my research first to try and help me whittle down what shades I want to go for!
Charlotte, Tilbury
I was in a department store the other day and I was instantly drawn to the Charlotte Tilbury counter. Everything was presented so beautifully and I swatched a few of her famed lipsticks but couldn't quite push myself to purchase one as I just couldn't choose!
There's also the gorgeous eyeshadows that I can't choose between too!


I know some of you will wonder what kind of rock I've being living under but I've not yet delved into the world of Mac as I always thought I couldn't justify spending that amount of money on makeup.
But this year I want to try some of their lipsticks as I've read rave reviews and heard that the formulation is really good.  I've a few colours in mind but I'll have to read a few more beauty blogger reviews to help me narrow it down!
Urban, Decay,
I've lusted after the Urban Decay Naked Palette for some time now but I've always talked myself out of it because I didn't feel like I could justify spending that amount of money on myself!
I've read countless reviews of how good their palettes are
I'm making this one happen sooner than expected and sometime next week I'll be able to share with you all my impressions of the Naked Palette as I've treated myself to this and a few other items from FeelUnique.

I have toyed with getting some Benefit for a while now as you can get it in departments stores and I have read rave reviews of the Hoola Bronzer and other products.
Again though my little brain kept telling me I couldn't justify spending money on the products I liked the look of.

These are just a few brands I want to try but there are so many good ones out there I could probably add more to the list.
Now I need to research the products I want to purchase from the brands which is going to take me ages as I am so indecisive!

Are there any other brands you think I should try?
Let me know below so I can add more to my list!
And if you know some good links to reviews of products leave them below too!
Have a great day!

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    1. It looks so good doesn't it?
      I just cant decide which colours to go for!


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