Friday Fitness File - My Current Routine

This year I want to focus more than ever on my fitness routine.
I want to create a body I'm 100% happy with and get stronger, leaner and healthier.
So I thought I'd share my current workout routine with you.
There's the work I do at the gym, which the trainers there put together for me, and the routines I choose myself at home.
I try to do these up to five times a week but a minimum of three.

My current goal is to lose the weight I gained over Christmas (I've made good headway on this!) and to build my strength as I have no upper body strength.

My main area of focus is my stomach which needs toning up and I am working on this by doing a combination of cardio to lose a bit of weight, weight machines to get stronger and then bodyweight exercises at home to help me tone up.


At the beginning of January, I had my programme reviewed for the New Year.  My programme hadn't been changed for some time and I was doing the same thing every time I went and it was getting boring and wasn't having the same impact on my health and fitness.
The new programme that I am going to share below was hard to begin with but I needed the push from the trainer to change my programme and I can already feel the benefits of the increased weights and change of machines.
Sometimes you need a trainer to push you further as we can all get stuck in a rut and do the same things for weeks and months on end (exactly what I did!)!
So I advise that


Intervals - 18mins (3mins cooldown)
I always choose the random function so the resistance changes periodically throughout my time no the machine.


Fat Burn -18mins (3mins Cooldown)
I again set this to random and it increases the  elevation randomly throughout my time on the machine.  I set my speed at 7km (I'm not great at running so do a power walk instead!)

Chest Press

12 reps x 3 Weight 19kg

Tricep Dip

12 Reps x 3 Weight 32kg

Seated Low Row

12 Reps x 3 Weight 18kg

Abdominal Crunches

12 Reps x 3 Weight 27kg

Leg Press

12 Reps x 3 Weight 45kg

Stationary Bike

After everything above I go on the bike and do a programme called Sprint8 which is intervals of 1minute 30secs normal biking then the machine increase the resistance and you go all out for 30 seconds.

I do love this programme but I can struggle with it but, if things were always easy then we would see no improvement.
I have noticed I am starting to find it slightly easier and that I'm improving on my weights.  At first, I struggled to complete all my reps but I'm improving all the time.
When I have it reviewed in February I have a feeling he may want to increase them again.
I'll be ripped in no time (jokes!).

At Home

I do bodyweight workouts at home to help me tone up.
I try to do them after I wake up as exercising earlier can help boost your metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day, but also, I find that it is the best time of day for me to workout. Also, some days I may not be able to go to the gym so it means I have done something towards my workout goals.

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My current favourite website is They have loads of different routines, for all abilities, to help you build strength and tone up.
I use a lot of their videos and find they are really good at motivating me to keep going and work harder.
I am currently working through their Bootcamp which I am finding so challenging but I can already see the improvements as My press ups are getting better!

So that's my current fitness routine and hopefully, it will help me meet my health and fitness goals!

What is your fitness routine?
Have you any tips to help improve my routine?
Or know of any sites that share good at home routines?
Leave me a comment below to let me know!

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