Motivational Monday - If You Stumble Get Back Up

I lost my mojo a bit this week and I only have myself to blame!
Being away from home at the weekend was really great and I loved spending time with my mum, sister and the rest of the family.
It just threw me off my game for the rest of the week!

I was a little sleep deprived at the beginning of the week as my niece kindly woke up several times in the night to ask me if it was morning yet and could we get up??!!
I love her to pieces but not when she's been a little monkey because she knows I'm going home when I've taken her to school!

I also didn't have a chance to do my regular meal prep on Sunday; where I get everything prepped so I can make a healthy lunch and snack each day.
This meant I really didn't eat great during the day for most of the week; sometimes skipping meals entirely (I blame that partly on been so busy as well!) and I felt really drained because of it.

This impacted on my fitness routine too as I went to the gym but didn't do my full routine because I just didn't have the energy, and at home workouts turned into me sitting wrapped in a blanket on the sofa trying to have a little extra sleep.
Hopefully, this week I'll be better and get my focus back.
I just hope the bruised elbow and knee from ice-skating don't bother me too much.

Onto to todays quote:
I could quite easily let what happened last week make me give up on my goals and just go back to how it used to be.
However, that is the easy route and it ultimately won't make me the happy positive person I strive to be.
I'm so much better physically and mentally when I am taking proper care of myself and working towards my positive goals.
So I'm writing it off as a bad week and starting a new with a renewed sense of worth and a positive mental attitude!

I've already started by prepping loads of fruits, veggies and meat for salads/snacks next week and I even baked a banana loaf so I've got a healthy treat too (mmm... might have some with some custard later!)
My boyfriend also bought me some avocados so I can have avocado toast for breakfast as he knows how much I love them! I haven't had any in ages and they are one of my favourite things!

So if you lost your way with you resolutions or goals last week don't let it bring you down.
Instead, write that week off and look forward to a more positive one this week.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Let me know what you have planned below!
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