Motivational Monday - Making Time For Me

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Last week was a good week!

I'm slowly settling into my new job and feeling more confident in my abilities to do the job well.

I also kick started my gym workouts again by having my routine reviewed. 
I have been going to the gym (although not as frequently as I should've over Christmas!) but I have been doing the same routine for about six months now so it was all a bit stale and I was getting bored.
The trainer upped my weights for my strength training and also showed me a couple of new machines so one aim for this week is to get my butt to the gym to I can master this new routine!

I always feel better after being at the gym as I know I have done something good for my body.  It also helps clear my mind of any stresses and after a good workout I feel ready to face the world with a positive attitude again!

Another aim is to re-establish my skincare routine as it has really gone out of the window recently and my skin feels rough and looks dull.
I normally take pretty good care of my skin but over the festive period I let it slide (not the best time to put your skincare on the back burner I know!) so I really want to get back into it!
I have treated myself to some new products from The Body Shop so I'll give those a whirl and establish a new routine!

So this week the quote reflects me prioritising time for myself and making changes to my routine that will have a positive impact on my health and well being.

I'm going to make time to go to the gym at least four times this week and also to figure out my morning and evening skincare routine and to stick to it!

The myth is that it takes twenty one days to make a habit so if I start now and make a promise to myself to do my skincare routine daily and regular gym sessions it will eventually become part of my normal routine!

I think it will really become part of my routine though when I can see the benefits in my skin, body, and overall health but the only way I am going to see that is by starting from NOW!

Wish me luck!
What are your aims for this week?
Is there anything you want to make into a habit?
Here's wishing you a wonderful week!

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