Motivational Monday - Writing My New Story

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So this is my first proper blog post of 2016!

A motivational post is something I plan to do every week as a way of me preparing myself for the week ahead.
Finding a quote and writing the post on a Sunday evening will allow me time to reflect and prepare for whatever may come my way the following week.
This is something I have come to realise is very important for me as it allows me chance to process the events of the previous week and until recently this is something I have not being doing. 
Really I was burying my head in the sand and ignoring how I was feeling which had a negative effect on me an my well-being so doing this each week will allow me a chance to reflect and process my feelings.

So onto today's quote.

It's quite a poignant one for me.

It definitely feels like I've got a new start and I am finally writing the future I've always dreamed of!

This week I really get the chance to get my teeth into my new job.
I technically have been in the job for three weeks now but as it was Christmas these weeks were spent following and observing the position I will be undertaking rather than learning the role properly.
The learning starts today and I'm a bit scared but really excited to properly learn what I need to do and what is expected of me!
This job means a lot to me as I'm finally (four years after leaving uni!) in the career I want to be in!
In those four years I've worked jobs that really weren't for me but at the time I need to work and earn money to pay the mortgage and it was what was available to me at the time.
So I'm nervous and scared because I've got so much hope and heart invested in the job of my dreams that I hope I do it justice and it lives up my expectations.

Now I've got the job of my dreams it has made me realise it's also time for me to start living my life more for me.
Last year I lost myself to a job that made me unhappy and I let that dominate my life.
This year I am  going to make sure I take care of me and nourish my soul by doing more of the things I love and by really taking care of all my needs.
Things I love to do like sewing, crafting, and baking took a back seat as I was always too tired to even think about creating anything.
So this means more sewing, more pampering to de-stress, and not feeling guilty when I allow myself to do this (I always have that devil on my shoulder telling me there's more important things to do!).

So here's to my new job and a new start for me.
I'm definitely going to write the story of my dreams and not dwell on what has past.
Only I can create the life of my dreams!

What are you aims for this week? 

Any words of encouragement to help ease the nerves I'm feeling about my new job?!

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  1. This year is going to be an entire new process for me : big exam in june and if I pass them I'm moving out to go to university!
    If this is the job of your dream you will definetly master everything!
    Have a nice day

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Good luck with all that!
      You'll be fine and when you make it to uni you'll love it!
      Thanks for the encouragement!
      It's going great so far!


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