Things I want to Learn in 2016

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For a while now I've wanted to broaden my horizons and learn some new skills. So much so I made it one of my 2016 Goals.
I can't remember the last time I learnt something, apart from for work, that increased my skill set and brought me enjoyment and happiness when I made significant progress.
So Today I thought I would share with you a list of things I want to learn in 2016!


This is something I have tried before and really want to master this year.
You can make some beautiful items with crochet and I want to get my head around this delicate skill.
My Mum is an accomplished Crocheter so I think I'll enlist her help with this.
Hopefully she'll be patient with me!

How gorgeous are these snowflakes??!!
Hopefully I'll be able to make these by the end of the year!


Ever since we moved into our house I have wanted to make a patchwork quilt!
I imagine it being white with different patterns in navy's and blue shades.
I've had this dream for over four years now and have lost plenty of time on Pinterest researching quilting and pinning all the fantastic designs!
So this year I am going to make my quilt!
Or I am at least going to start as I've found that it can be quite time consuming for a novice!

A Language

As soon as I could I dropped French when I was at school.
It was never my strong point and caused me so much stress that I jumped at the chance to never do the subject again.
Now, however, I wish I had stuck with it and learned the basics whilst I was young.
So I am going to try learning French again with DuoLingo.
I've tried before using this site and found the app and website really helpful.
I just need to remember to make time to learn as repetition is the only way I am going to make it stick in my brain!

Cake Decorating

I LOVE baking and can make a pretty decent tasting cake!
However my decorating skills leave a lot to be desired.
I follow quite a few bakers on YouTube (My Cupcake Addiction, SweetAmbs, Cupcake Jemma to name a few!) and would love to be able to create the amazing cakes, cookies and cupcakes they do.
I've also got a board on Pinterest with loads of tips and ideas so I'm going to work my way through them.
So I am going to push myself to try more complicated techniques and I am not going to let my perfectionist streak put me off (like I have in the past!)
I might even share my creations with you on my Instagram!

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I have found so many sites that share wonderful tips and information about the best way to blog and how to create great content and to be honest its all a little overwhelming.
But I am making it my mission this year to take the time to understand things like SEO, how best to market my blog, and how to create engaging content.
I'm going to sift my way through all the wonderful posts and come to my own conclusion about how I should blog as there is no 'one size fits all' approach!
I'm going to create my own cheat sheets to help me post more frequently on social media and to help me plan and schedule posts efficiently.
If I feel confident I may even share with you what I discover/conclude/create!


This one links with previous post as I want to improve my photography so I can start sharing beautiful photo's I've taken and edited myself.
But I also want to improve it so I can create lasting memories for myself and family.
I haven't really ever consistently taken photos but I want to start documenting better what adventures I end up taking.
I've found loads of advice online so I'll work my way through all that and hopefully I'll have some interesting images to share with you soon!
I could also do with some advice on cameras as I want to invest in a decent one but I'm struggling to narrow down the list of ones I've researched!

So there are a few things that I would like to learn in 2016!
I think I've set myself quite a challenge but if I plan my time properly and stay committed then hopefully I'll have a few new skills by the end of the year!

Are you thinking of learning anything new this year?
Leave em a comment below to let me know and if you have any tips on what I want to learn then leave them in a comment too!


  1. Hi! I really like the content on your blog, especially the posts with a deeper meaning :) When it comes down to learning a language, the best thing you can do is making as many exercises as you can. Also, try to use the language as often as you can, e.g. I set the language on my apps to Italian and use Italian subtitles, watch Italian movies, ... I also decided to really get into blogging this year, and might change my blog from Blogger to Wordpress when I'm ready :)
    xx Lien (so who studies applied linguistics(Eng-It) from Belgium ;))

    1. Thanks for the tips!
      I'm not confident enough to change the language on my apps yet but when I am I'll give that a try!
      Good Luck with the switch from Blogger to WordPress!


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