Motivational Monday - Be Friends With Yourself

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This week has been good but I have battled a little with the devil on my shoulder!
I am my own worst critic and I constantly have that inner monologue criticising what I am doing and I've had this quite a few times over the last week over different things!

I'm still learning in my new job and there are things that I have done that haven't been a problem but that I feel I could've done better and that plays on my mind!
I am also preparing a project that is going to happen in a few weeks that I am the lead on and I have that playing on my mind all the time!
It's mainly my inner monologue criticising what I've done and adding more and more jobs to my list that don't really need to be there but I won't be able to calm down until there done!
I constantly criticise my work even when I'm told I'm doing a good job as I never feel that I am doing anything well.

The little devil has also been complaining because I haven't been to the gym as much this last week!
In my defence, I fell and hurt my knee ice skating and have had a cold but that still doesn't stop me from criticising myself for not going!
I have been a couple fo times but they weren't the best workouts and I ended up criticising myself for going in the first place (I can't win!).

Onto today's quote:

It such a poignant quote for me and something I really need to do!
I am probably my own worst enemy when it comes to so many things and end up sabotaging myself by creating anxiety in my life when there's no reason for me to be creating a problem in the first place.
All the anxiety and stress is normally all in my head and because I'm a perpetual overthinker I make everything worse!
And when it gets too much I just shut things out and don't take proper care of myself; so I need to learn to be my friend so I can le tit all go so it doesn't affect my health!

So my I definitely need to try and be more of a friend to myself! 
I need to be more supportive and understanding and not beat myself up and be overly critical of everything in my life.

So this week I am making it my mission to be kinder to myself and become friends with my demons!
I am going to try and not let my mind run away with me and keep me up at night thinking about all the things I should've done or could've done differently (anyone else do this?)!
I am also not going to beat myself up and be overly critical of everything in my life!

There's a lot to work on there but I am going to take small steps and if I don't succeed this week its ok (I will not beat myself up!)!
As long as I make small steps on my way to being my friend then it's progress and as long as I'm headed in the right direction then that's ok!

Have a good week!
Be kind to yourselves!
Leave me some tips on how to be kinder to myself!
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  1. thinking about things you should've done is the worst and it's hard not to sometimes, but everything happens for a reason! good luck with everything :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I know I wish I could switch my mind off sometimes!
      Thanks for a lovely comment!

  2. I thought I was the only one that criticised myself! I know 100% how you're feeling, because I do this with the smallest of things. What I find helps me is to step away from the situation. Then work on something else. Afterwards I'll go back to whatever was stressing me out with a fresh mind. I'll often feel more inspired when I just simply take time out. Hope you're feeling better soon hun.:)

    - - Fashion Haul - ZARA

    1. Its nice to know I'm not alone!
      That's what I do too!
      I distract myself with something else and it takes my mind away from it!
      Then I can go back with a clearer perspective!
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

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  4. Great motivation, love posts like this!

    Anika |

  5. Great post! I really like your quote at the end :)
    Such a fun and interesting topic - it is so important to love yourself!!

    ~ Nicole


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