Motivational Monday - If the plan doesn't work change the plan!

Monday, 29 February 2016

Things have gone a little off course from the start of the year!

I let my new job overwhelm me (it's going great but I let it stress me out and I know I shouldn't!) and when my project was over my body let its defenses down and a horrendous cold in.
This threw me for a few weeks as it derailed my healthy eating and exercise as well as the work I needed to do after the project!

I could barely breathe and I went through a fair few boxes of tissues and drank so much hot juice to ease what felt like razor blades in my throat.

I am my own worst enemy and instead of allowing myself time to recuperate and recharge I plodded on with day to day life, even attempting the gym when I could hardly breathe, and this slowed down my recovery.
I worried about everything that needed completing after the project and went into work the Monday to complete it all but it took me longer than I would have liked as I struggled to concentrate through the cold.
I also scheduled a lot of meetings and events for the week after the project which in hindsight was not the best idea and something I will try and avoid next time.  Everyone else who ran projects that week had the first few days of the following week off and I wish I had too!

So for the next project, which isn't too far away, I need to reassess what I do to make sure I look after myself as well as kick ass at my job!
Preparation is key and I was prepared for this project but let things that were out of my control stress me out.
I also need to make sure I am prepared for how I am going to take care of myself during the next project, which I neglected to do this time, so I don't end up feeling terrible for weeks after when my body gives up on me!

So the quote I have chosen this week is really poignant.
The project at work went really well.  I achieved my goals and created a successful project that was enjoyed by all involved with no major issues arising apart from me stressing out for no reason.
However, self-care took a back seat so I need to reassess my plans for the next project to make sure I take care of myself throughout and try to not get stressed!
My ultimate goal is to create a kick-ass project and to not get ill at the end of it!
I think I'll start planning it now so I can realise this goal!

Have you any tips?
Any words of wisdom to help me in my preparations?

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