Valentines Gift Guide 2016

Well its nearly that time of year again where we express our love to that special person in our lives or pluck up the courage to tell that person you've liked for some time that you have feelings for them!

The BF and I have been together for quite a while now and we don't really bother with Valentines.  But I've found a cute DIY card that I think suits him to the ground so I might give that a go and buy him some of his favourite sweets!  A small gesture but I know he'll appreciate them!

Anyway, with Valentines only a few days away, I thought I would have a look around the internet to see what's out there to give you all some inspiration!
Valentines Gift Guide

Personalised Infinity Chain Bracelet by Merci Maman £59

Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Bracelet 'Heart' Engravable £159 Thomas Sabo Love Bridge Bracelet 'Heart' £70
Thomas Sabo Charm Ring/Heart £45Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant 'Hearts' £60Thomas Sabo Charm Pendant 'Hearts' £60Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette £39Happy Jackson Queen of Awesome Mug £10Diptyque Rosaviola Candle £28Eggspress Heart Shaped Egg Mould £10Thomas Sabo Charm Club Charm Hearts £ 50

The infinity bracelets are so cute and a really good way to show your commitment to your loved one.  And at only £59 I think that's a great price for a beautiful piece of jewelry.

As you can probably tell I am a huge Thomas Sabo fan.  I have one of their charm bracelets and love the vast range of charms they have on offer and the quality of their items is amazing.  

I love both the bracelets as they are engravable so you can make your gift unique and I love that they have items of varying price to suit all budgets. 

There were so many charms to choose from I struggles to narrow it down!
Again there is a charm to suit all budgets and it could become a tradition to buy one each year to show your love!

I had to share the Too Faced palette as it is perfect for Valentines with its cute hearts! It also has a good range of shades which could be used to make multiple looks.

I've had a few pieces from the Happy Jackson range and I love the quality and quirkiness of the items. I love this mug and I'm going to drop hints to the BF about getting it for me! We're all awesome so why not have the mug to prove it!

Diptyque create great candles and they have released this pink version of Rosaviola for valentines! It wold be a great present for the candle lovers!

On valentine,s it's nice to create a romantic breakfast and the eggpress heart shaped mould is great for creating that extra special touch on breakfast.

Well there's a few ideas for you all!
I want to go buy them all for myself now!
I think I'll send this link to the BF to drop hints!
Although I'm pretty sure he'll take no notice!

What are you guys doing for valentines?
Are there any other items you would like to receive?
Let me know below!

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