Hi there... 2017!

Well.. here I am again; giving blogging another go.

2016 was an OK year for me.

I changed jobs again and feel happy what I'm doing. I don't feel so stressed out all the time and don't take my work home with me anymore.

We re-mortgaged the house as we've been in it 5 years now, which is really scary to think about, so we needed a new deal!

And we finally booked flights to go and see my twin!

In regards to the blog I let myself get overwhelmed by the whole blogosphere and ultimately I didn't feel I knew what I was doing so I stopped.  I'm giving it another go and I'm just going to write about what matters to me!  If people like it that's great and if they don't then that's ok too!

This was going to be the obligatory "Goals" post but I don't feel like I want be so prescriptive and write them down in any detail.

I suppose they are the same as always:
  • Be healthy and work on my fitness.
  • Blog!
  • Plan my meals (I'm really bad at this!)
  • Bake more.
  • Craft more.
  • Improve my photography (seen as though I got a new camera for Christmas!)
  • *New* Create my Garden/Allotment
  • Work on creating MY perfect home.
Most of these are activities I find fun, relaxing, and really want to improve my skills in this year. Rather than goals I am looking at these as my recipe for happiness and as long as I plan my time properly (I may make small monthly goals to help me do this!), allow myself to make mistakes and not fear what people will say about those mistakes, I will definitely have a happy 2017.

The quote in the picture really sums up what I want this year to be.  If I approach each day with a positive heart then I will create happy memories and adventures throughout the entire year.

I can't wait to share the journey with you.

Have you set goals?
Let me know what your's are below!
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