Don't you just love it when you get an email telling you there's a sale on ASOS!

I am an avid internet shopper as I don't really go into town to browse (I can't stand how busy it is and how rude people can be!) and I can't resist the lure of an ASOS sale.
It's probably my favourite place to shop for clothes online.
I love browsing the huge variety of items they have and finding the hidden gems and bargains that can boost my wardrobe (not that it needs help)!

So I had a browse and bought a few things that caught my eye!
Most are from the sale but there are a couple of full price items too!

1. ASOS Woven Peg Trousers £25

I've needed some new smart/casual trousers that aren't jeans for ages and I haven't been able to find a pair that looks great, fits me well and that are comfortable. 
These peg trousers fit fine but I'm not 100% about them. The Obi Belt around the middle feels a little bulky and in my opinion draws attention to my stomach (something I don't want).
However, they do look quite nice on.  I'm going to try them on with a few more tops before I decide whether they are going back or not and have a bit of a pose in the mirror to really make up my mind!  
If you're a bit more confident with your body than me then these are a really nice pair of trousers that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion!

2. ASOS Wide Leg Trousers £25

I LOVE wide leg trousers and these are a really flattering pair.  I have already worn these to a theatre trip and they looked amazing with a simple cami tucked in.
They are quite high waisted, which I love, and they for great across my bum and flatter my shape.
You do need to wear a pair of heels with them as they don't look quite right without and you would end up walking on them and ripping the bottom of them if you didn't.  They don't have to be mega high heels though; just a couple of inches to lift you off the floor and give that perfect silhouette!

3. Addidas Originals Ocean Printed Tank Top £10 - £25

I love workout clothes, I could live in mine! However, I find it really difficult to find nice, functional workout clothes that are affordable.  That's why when I saw this I had to get it.  I love the colour and for the price, it doesn't matter if it gets destroyed at the gym!
I love it because it's not skin tight but also not too loose on the body.  Also, it's slightly longer in length so covers my bum up which is a bonus!

4. Warehouse Dobby V-Neck Tunic £11.50 - £39

This top is a steal at £11.50.  I find warehouse can be quite expensive so it's not a brand I normally look at as it doesn't really fit in my budget.
Its 100% cotton and feels so great on.  I love tops that you can just throw on with a pair of jeans and look smart and ready for the day with minimal effort and this top really does that.
You can't really see in the picture but there is a slight spotty pattern that looks super cute (zoom in on the ASOS page to see it!)
The V-Neck isn't too deep either and gives a flattering feminine touch.

5. ASOS Strappy Rib Cami 2 Pack £5.50 - £14

I have so many of these already; I really love them, and at that price for 2 I had to get them.
They are made from a mixture of cotton, polyester and viscose and feel really lovely against the skin.
The V-Neck line is super flattering and their best feature to me is the adjustable straps.  
I always have issues with tops not fitting me across my small chest and falling way lower than I feel comfortable with.  Being able to adjust these means they fit me perfectly and work well on their own as well as layered under other tops and jumpers.

6. Brave Soul Embroidered Festival Jacket £18 - £45

I've been looking for a little jacket like this for a while and I got this one because of the embroidery, and at £18 it seemed a good price.
I'm not 100% sure whether I will keep this or not because it's not really the right time of year for a jacket like this and I am not 100% about the fit and whether it actually suits me!
The embroidery looks great but it's quite thin which would be fine for a jacket in the summer months but now we are heading into winter it's not so great.
Before I fully make my mind up I'll try it with some of my jumpers underneath to see if I can layer it up to make it work in these Autumn/Winter months.

So there is everything I bought from ASOS.
I'm quite happy with my purchases this time.  
A few might end up going back but that always happens when I buy from ASOS as I always pop a few things in my basket that I am not 100% sure about as you can't be sure until you actually try it on.

What have you bought from ASOS recently?
Do you have any recommendations? 
Thanks for reading!

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