Hello October...🍁🍂

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The sky is cloudy, and it's windy outside.
The weather is meant to be torrential today here in the North West (if the weather warnings on my phone are anything to go by!) but so far only the wind has picked up!
Regardless of whether the weather can decide what it's doing, we are tucked up in our fleecy PJ's watching TV and waiting for the impending rain!

I love the autumn months, the crisp leaves and the sound of rain on the conservatory roof and October to me is when it really gets into full swing.
I love nothing more than being cosy and comfy at home, with a hot chocolate and a series to binge watch on Netflix.  I'm such a homebody!
It also means I can get making comforting stews and exciting dishes in the slow cooker!

As it's a new month I thought I would list a few goals I am going to be working towards over the coming weeks:

This is something I have been doing for a while but have not been doing consistently.  Whether it is a list, filling in my diary, deciding what/when I am going to work out and planning our meals for the week I always feel better when it's done and my week goes better when there has been some thought behind the small details.
I'm going to plan our meals, my workouts, when we are getting our new cooker fitted and what cleaning needs doing!
I'm also going to finally decide which sewing machine I am going to get so I can continue with the quilt I started in April!

I've tried blogging a couple of times before and let it overwhelm me.  I don't really know why.  I'm not the most confident soul and I always compare myself to others and let things that shouldn't matter take over my mind!
However, I am just going to see where I go with it and post about the things I like and find interesting,
I have a huge list of potential posts that I haven't had the courage to write/post so I am just going to get on and share them.  As long as I am happy with the content I make then that's all that matters!
I am also going to apply the planning goal to blogging to try and keep on top of it and social media!

This is something I need to get better at! I sometimes feel so drained after work that I just curl up on the sofa and jobs and personal care sometimes take a back seat.  I want to rework my skincare routine and get into the habit of a proper skincare routine in an evening, something I don't really make time for at the moment.
I also want to make more time to paint my nails and have a face mask.  I currently do this when I have time but I want to start making time as I feel really good after pampering myself
Another thing I want to do is get into a good routine with doing little cleaning jobs throughout the week.  I know you probably don't think of this as self-care but it really plays on my mind when the jobs start piling up and then my entire weekend disappears in housework.  I feel too tired most days to be bothered to do anything but just 10 minutes of tidying actually makes a huge difference to the state of the house and my mind!

I think those 3 are enough to work on this month.
There are a few things going on this month, like travelling to see family and a theatre trip that I'm really looking forward to.
And I need to get my head around Christmas too.  I am determined to not get stressed this year! It's bound to happen though!

What do you like about Autumn?
Is it your favourite time of year?
If you have any tasty slowcooker recipes post them below!

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