2018 - The Journey of my 30th year!

This year I turn 30.  I can't quite believe it because in my mind I still feel like a young girl who is still trying to figure out her place in the world. A girl who is still working out who she is, what she wants from life and how exactly she is going to do it!

I have decided my 30th year is the year I figure out who I am and where I belong in this world.  I am finally going to figure out how to "adult" properly and get my head around all the effectively managing 

I chose the above quote because I feel it sums up exactly my intentions for this year of discovery.  Over the last 29 years, I have let a lot of things shape me into the person I am today.  I do not wish to change my personality, but I am un-confident, full of self-doubt and highly critical of myself.  I want to grow and explore the things that matter to me and not care what people around me think and grow into a confident woman.

There is so much I want to figure out, explore and learn, and I thought sharing them on a blog would be a great way to document it all. It will also make me more accountable and it will definitely push me out of my comfort zone and will hopefully develop my confidence.  I have tried blogging a few times before and I let self-doubt and worry about people opinions of me consume me until I stopped.  

I'm not going to let this happen this time (even if I feel the worry creeping in I am going to push through that barrier) and I will share anything and everything I want to!  Hopefully, I will learn some new skills and who I am meant to be along the way!

So if you're reading this then thanks for stopping by!
I'm really happy you're here!
I can't wait to share the things that matter to me and my journey with you!