About Me

My names Helen and I am a 26 year old idealist and all round hopeful person!  
I love to craft, cook, bake, play games, and I am trying to make our home our perfect little piece of heaven.

I live with my partner Chris who I adore.  He keeps me calm in stressful times and loves me unconditionally. I am so lucky to have him in my life and am thankful for this every day.

Chris and I

My family live all over the UK and some even live in far flung places like Australia and Canada.
Its hard to stay connected but we all manage it in our own ways!

I started this blog so I would have a place to discuss the things that matter to me.
I love to cook lovely meals and bake cakes.  I try to make them healthy which isn't always possible when your partner has a sweet tooth!

I wish this was my kitchen!
I am also quite creative and love to make things. I recently purchased a sewing machine and I hope to share with you the different things I make with it to decorate our home.
I am obsessed with Pinterest so plan to go through my boards and actually make some of the pins I decided I want in my home.

 I plan on sharing with you all kinds of things that I find interesting and important ranging from make-up, fashion, health, beauty, exercise and technology.  Its a bit of a random mix but these are the things that I find interesting so hopefully you will too!

Personally life hasn't gone quite to plan career wise but apart from that I'm proud of what I have achieved so far and will just keep working to get the career I want.  I have a beautiful home, a partner who I adore, a wonderful family and great friends.
Sometimes things get me down and I get anxious and scared but I know that ultimately these experiences will make me a stronger person.

I hope you enjoy my blog.